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“Great American Smokeout” Will Go Down in Flames, Says Hypnotist

Board Certified Hypnotist and Stop Smoking Specialist Sean Wheeler says that this week, thousands of smokers were duped into taking harmful drugs that don’t work, all in an effort to quit the habit in honor of the 33rd Annual Great American Smokeout. (PRWeb Nov 21, 2008)

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Former Smoker Celebrates One Year Anniversary of Being a Non-Smoker 60 Pounds Lighter

Joe Balog is celebrating his one Year Anniversary as a Non-Smoker 60 Pounds Lighter. What Joe did is an amazing accomplishment! It can be difficult enough to quit smoking or lose 60 pounds but to do both within one year is truly inspiring. With Dan Vitchoff and PA Hypnosis Center’s help, Joe was able to turn his life around and improve his quality of life; he has more energy and his family is thrilled with his success. (PRWeb Nov 20, 2008)

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Narconon and Others Promote Hope and Recovery at the HOPE 2008 Conference in Mumbai, India

100 researchers and officials from 11 countries share ideas on drug abuse and AIDS (PRWeb Nov 20, 2008)

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Problems with Drinking – College Drinking Games can be the Start of Lifelong Addiction Reveals Linwood Group

Research by Linwood Group into problems with drinking experienced by UK students shows that there is a link between student binge drinking games and lifelong alcohol addiction. (PRWeb Nov 19, 2008)

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Coalition Backs Plan to Provide All Tobacco Users with Access to Cessation Treatment

A coalition of business, labor, insurers, health and government has crafted a blueprint to give every American access to comprehensive tobacco cessation treatment. (PRWeb Nov 18, 2008)

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Drug Addiction Reaches Epidemic Numbers; Florida Clinic Employs Holistic Treatment Approach

Although recent studies have shown that illegal drug abuse statistics amongst adolescents have gone down nationwide, non-medical prescription drug abuse remains high. In fact, studies show that the numbers surrounding non-medical prescription drug abuse amongst users are reaching epidemic levels. However, it becomes extremely difficult to properly regulate non-medical prescription drug abuse. Even in our local and national news we see radio show host Rush Limbaugh and then-Florida Gov. Jeb Bush’s daughter, Noelle, were among prescription fraud cases that grabbed national headlines. C.A.R.E. FLORIDA, a holistic-based Florida drug rehab clinic, continues to combat this abuse in both adolescents and adults by attacking addiction at the front lines and preparing a person for the road to recovery. (PRWeb Nov 18, 2008)

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C.A.R.E. Florida Launches Family Weekends to Help on That Long Road to Recovery

Just because an addict finished a drug rehab program does not mean they have recovered. Too often patients do not complete their recovery and return to addiction and abuse soon after. However, this begs the question: “Who is enabling the patient?” Usually it’s their family and loved ones. C.A.R.E. FLORIDA has taken steps to counterattack these situations by offering family weekends four times a year for both patients that have completed treatment and those currently in treatment. The goal? Educate families on the difference between loving an addict and enabling them on the long road to recovery. (PRWeb Nov 18, 2008)

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Throw Out Your Pack: Help Your Back

In honor of the American Cancer Society’s Great American Smokeout (GASO), the Chicago Institute of Neurosurgery and Neuroresearch (CINN) is distributing a complimentary back pain brochure with smoking-cessation tips. The brochure is available as a download from its website. (PRWeb Nov 17, 2008)

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The Recovery Place Appoints Medical Director Dr. DeFilippo to Round Out Team of Rehab Experts

The Recovery Place, Inc. a Fort Lauderdale based drug rehabilitation center announced today the appointment of new Medical Director Dr. DeFilippo. (PRWeb Nov 17, 2008)

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Anti-Tobacco Campaign Targets Twelve-and-Under Youth with Debut of “Smokerman” in New Television Ads

Powerman Can! Speedyman Can! Smokerman Can’t because he smokes cigarettes… New anti-tobacco ads star a toy named Smokerman who can’t keep pace with other action figures because of the health effects from his tobacco use. (PRWeb Nov 11, 2008)

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Malibu Alcohol and Drug Rehab Center Celebrates Fourth Anniversary

The Canyon, a pre-eminent California drug rehab facility located in Malibu, recently celebrated its fourth anniversary with a slew of renovations to their already gorgeous location – and a party for current and past residents. (PRWeb Nov 11, 2008)

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Syringes Market to Reach $12.1 Billion by 2015, According to a New Report by Global Industry Analysts, Inc.

Worldwide market for Syringes is projected to reach $12.1 billion by 2015 driven by an aging population and the subsequent rise in healthcare demand. Other factors influencing growth include increasing popularity of prefilled syringes, rising incidence of diabetes, and growing awareness of AIDS and other infectious diseases. (PRWeb Nov 11, 2008)

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Current Economic Situation Prompts Increased Smoking, Delay in Quit Attempts Middle and Low-income Americans Hit Hardest

One in Four Smokers Stressed About State of Economy Smoking More on Daily Basis (PRWeb Nov 10, 2008)

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A Home Away Announces “Pass it Back” Funding Program for Addiction Treatment

A Home Away is introducing a financial assistance program: “Pass it Back.” (PRWeb Nov 7, 2008)

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Webicina, A Bridge Between Physicians and E-patients In The Web 2.0 Era

The mission of Webicina is to build a bridge between medical professionals and e-patients by providing e-learning tools, personalized packages and online image building solutions. Webicina aims to help physicians make their online activity as efficient as possible and help patients how to find reliable medical information online. (PRWeb Nov 6, 2008)

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FDA Scheduled to Review REMOXY XRT, the Newest of OxyContin’s Proposed Competition on November 13

“The active ingredient in OxyContin, oxycodone, has been implicated in thousands of deaths, thousands more in addictions, disrupted thousands of lives and the FDA is considering questionable evidence to bring the newest of the potentially deadly heroin-like substances to your doctor’s prescription pad,” states Larry Golbom, radio host and registered pharmacist. Listen to The Prescription Addiction Radio Show – Breaking the Silence on WGUL 860 am (www.wgul860.com) on Sunday night, November 9 – 9:05 pm to hear about the FDA’s upcoming hearing. (PRWeb Nov 6, 2008)

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Miss America 2008 Kirsten Haglund Embarks on National Tour to Present Her New Mission: To Help People Quit Smoking

From November 15 -17, Miss America 2008 Kirsten Haglund will be in the Sunshine State to promote National Smoke Out Day, November 20, and to promote her new cause of helping Americans get healthier and kick the smoking habit. (PRWeb Nov 5, 2008)

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Parents Welcome Discussing Drinking Habits With Their Child’s Doctor

Researchers attribute openness to the unique parent-pediatrician relationship (PRWeb Nov 3, 2008)

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Suboxone Fast Passing Methadone As Preferred Method Of Treatment For Opiate Detox

While Methadone treatment still holds the #1 position among detox procedures for opiate addiction, there is a new contender moving up in prominence with each passing day: Suboxone. (PRWeb Nov 1, 2008)

Read the full story at http://www.prweb.com/releases/drug-rehab/alcohol-treatment/prweb1517884.htm

Dissecting California’s Prop 5: The Nonviolent Offender Rehabilitation Act

Supporters of a new initiative appearing on the California ballots next week say it has the potential, if passed, to be the first step to restructuring our nation’s drug laws. Those who oppose it claim it gives criminals a “get out of jail free” card. (PRWeb Nov 1, 2008)

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