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CNN Health News: 175 pounds lighter, woman takes flight – Two years ago, Karen Daniel was wider around than she was tall. Weighing 375 pounds, the 45-year-old wife and mother had high blood pressure, her knees hurt and she was always hot. But with a lot of detremination, hard work and help Daniel has managed to shed almost half her weight and move down 16 dress sizes.
Many holes in kids’ mental health care – As mental health advocates, policy makers, practitioners, educators and researchers gathered at the Carter Center to discuss the progress in addressing American children’s mental health needs, a drama of sorts was reaching its conclusion halfway across the country.
Study: Lung cancer pill as effective as chemo – A cancer treatment that comes in a pill is as effective as the standard chemotherapy for lung patients who had previously been treated for their cancer, according to a study released Thursday.
Attorney general seems fine after fainting spell – Doctors gave U.S. Attorney General Michael Mukasey a clean bill of health Friday morning after he apparently had a fainting spell, according to Gina Talamona, spokeswoman for Department of Justice.
Support and Hot Wheels after fire – After the fire, all that was left of Jonathan Reyes’ massive Hot Wheels collection was a piece of metal that once was part of a toy car.
Woman given windpipe created in laboratory – Medical experts hailed a “milestone in medicine” Wednesday as they announced the successful transplant of a human windpipe engineered with the patient’s own stem cells.
U.S. opens FDA office in China after scares – The first foreign office of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration opened Wednesday in Beijing after an influx of contaminated Chinese food and drug imports to the United States.
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