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Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Womens Health Only: Cosmetic surgery

Only you can know what you think is right for you, but the most important thing is not to rush into cosmetic surgery. Think carefully about why you want it and what you realistically expect it to do for you. Having a breast enlargement or a face-lift may make you feel better, but it’s unlikely to get you the job of your dreams or rescue a failing relationship.

Make sure you see a qualified and experienced surgeon. Talk to your GP first. They’ll know who the local surgeons are, their reputations and you may need a referral letter from your medical professional. Talk to friends who have had similar ops about their experiences and surgeon.

The British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons can also provide you with a list of qualified surgeons in your area.

Remember, cosmetic surgery…
  • Can be very expensive (it’s rarely available on the NHS).
  • Isn’t without risks and complications.
  • Doesn’t always give the results you hope for.
If you have any doubts, don’t go ahead until you’re clear about what you’re doing. Cosmetic surgery can be one of the biggest life changes you’ll ever experience; good luck making an informed decision.

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