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Anxiety and panic attacks (news articles below)

Anxiety One in 20 people suffers from severe anxiety or neurosis, feeling agitated and worried about what are often trivial day-to-day issues, to a degree that interferes with their life. They may constantly feel butterflies in their stomach, palpitations, sickness or headaches. Sleep problems are also common and there may be endless health worries. The situation is often made worse by stress (such as work), noise (even at home) and relationship problems. Difficult life events, even pleasant ones such as a wedding, can make the anxiety unbearable. Tranquillisers used to be handed out for anxiety with hardly a thought, but these days they’re only used in short courses to help people through particularly difficult times. Instead, therapies that help a person to understand their anxiety and learn how to deal with stress are used, such as counselling, psychotherapy, relaxation techniques and hypnotherapy. For a more in-depth look at anxiety disorders, go to the Mental health site.   Panic attacks Many people who suffer from anxiety also have panic attacks, or panic disorder. Panic attacks can also happen out of the blue to someone who was not aware they were particularly anxious. Panic attacks are a form of fear – in this case a fear of fear itself. Instead of an identifiable fear of an object that occurs every time they go near it, sufferers experience intense fear of the unknown. It’s a sort of internal and self-generated fear. Symptoms can include:
  • sudden unexpected feelings of fear or intense anxiety
  • feeling faint or nauseous
  • palpitations or a racing heartbeat
  • profuse sweating
  • tingling in fingers
  • blurry vision
  • ringing in ears
Symptoms are often so severe, sudden and unexpected that people think they’re having a heart attack or are dying. Panic attacks can be frightening and debilitating, especially if they happen frequently, and many people with panic disorder develop depression too. There are various treatments for panic disorder, from medication to working with a psychotherapist to gain more control over anxieties. Research shows that both kinds of treatment can be effective; a combination of the two may even be better than either on its own. The earlier you get treatment the more likely it is that you’ll be able to put panic behind you and get back to normal.   This article was last medically reviewed by Dr Trisha Macnair in August 2005. First published in November 1997.  

Anxiety News:


MagpieRSS: Failed to parse RSS file. (> required at line 44, column 34) Candidates’ attacks hit close to home (Politico via Yahoo! News) – CHESTER, Va.?Both campaigns hit close to home today, as they battled over which candidate appeared more out-of-touch with voters based on the properties that each owns. Stress, Anxiety Can Make Allergy Attacks Even More Miserable, Last Longer (Kansas City InfoZine) – A new study here shows that even slight stress and anxiety can substantially worsen a person’s allergic reaction to some routine allergens. For Emigres, Musharraf’s Exit Brings Relief, Anxiety (Washington Post) – If anyone in the Washington area should be jubilant about the resignation of Pakistani President Pervez Musharraf this week, it is Asif A. Shah, a District lawyer and impassioned acolyte of democracy in his homeland, who has been circulating petitions and letters for more than a year calling on M… Candidates’ attacks hit close to homes (The Politico) – Campaigns battle over who’s more out-of-touch with voters as speculation swirls over Obama?s vice-presidential pick. 11 killed in new Algeria car bomb attacks (Zawya) – ALGIERS, Aug 20, 2008 (AFP) – Two car bomb attacks in eastern Algeria killed at least 11 people, state radio reported Wednesday with the country still in shock from a suicide bomber who killed 43 people a day earlier. 11 killed, 31 wounded in two car bomb attacks in Algeria: radio (Zawya) – ALGIERS, Aug 20, 2008 (AFP) – Eleven people people were killed and 31 wounded in two car bomb attacks Wednesday in the eastern Algerian town of Bouira, Algerian radio reported. Starting university: anxiety (Independent) – Anxiety comes in many forms; it isn?t necessarily a problem, as it?s your body?s natural reaction to recognising danger. However, it?s not a surprise that it can affect students. If you?re heading off to university or college this autumn, you?ll have been immersed in a tidal wave of work already. In meeting the expectations of parents, teachers and friends, you can feel like you?re taking a … Tony Travers: The Boris wobbles – Another City Hall exit will spark anxiety at Tory HQ. The London mayor needs … (Guardian Unlimited) – Tony Travers: Another City Hall exit will spark anxiety at Tory HQ. The London mayor needs stability, urgently Paterson Says He?s No Pushover, but the Attack Ads Still Bother Him (New York Times) – In a revealing interview, Gov. David A. Paterson opened up about his sensitivity to criticism, but also noted the steps he had taken to assert himself as a leader in a capital. Fannie, Freddie fears, inflation slam Wall St (Washington Post) – NEW YORK (Reuters) – U.S. stocks fell for a second straight session on Tuesday as credit worries hit bank shares and a report showing inflation remains a threat despite slower growth stoked the market’s anxiety. All content within WomensHealthOnly.com is provided for general information only, and should not be treated as a substitute for the medical advice of your own doctor or any other health care professional. WomensHealthOnly.com is not responsible or liable for any diagnosis made by a user based on the content of WomensHealthOnly.com website.

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