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My drama with Online dating

Online dating seems to be extremely popular right now. Nine times out of ten one of your friends will suggest you try online dating. So should you? Well let me tell you my story and you can decide from there. I am a single mom, pursuing my own business which means I work from home so I don’t get to meet people in person too often. Most of my friends are married or in serious relationships. The few single friends I have like going to the bars and I’m just not into the bar scene anymore. When I did work in the corporate world it was hard to make friends because in my industry everyone is there to work and nothing more. So where does that leave me? You guessed it! I caved and tried online dating. I struggled with trying online dating because I still believe in meeting face to face… I signed up and paid the monthly fee, filled out a profile and stuck my picture up there. Can I say I can find psychos on my own time and for free? Because that’s what it felt like, some of the responses I received made me cringe, say ewww and run! Then a few weeks into it someone crossed my path, online of course, that caught my interest. We emailed a few times and chatted on the phone and decided to meet for a date.
  • Rule one: meet the person at a public place, like a restaurant.
  • Rule two: let a friend know where you are and if possible show them a picture of the person you are meeting. Tell your friend what time you are meeting your date.
  • Rule three: carry your cellphone, you never know if you’ll need it
  • Rule four: never ever let the person know where you live until you really get to know them, and trust me one date is not getting to know them.
Ok, to continue…I met this person at a restaurant and followed all the rules I mentioned above and my friends were very excited. What will you wear? Do you think he is the one? Aren’t you excited? I had to tell everyone to slow their roll, it was just dinner. I ended up wearing a skirt and nice sweater and left for the date or shall I say interview! That’s right I said interview! We had a 2 hour wait for dinner and that was like an interview. All he talked about was himself…the conversation went pretty much like: I’m a good person; I expect the best of myself and others. I believe I have an open mind (he mentioned that Way too much!) as he’s sitting there making fun of a group of people, totally not cool. Then he interrupted a lot. I would start to talk and he would just cut-me off, very rude. Another huge thing was the lack of eye contact, he couldn’t look me straight in the eye but had no problem reaching over to touch my necklace, let’s just say I had a V-neck sweater on, so more red flags. I tried to think maybe he was nervous until we sat down to eat, when the food was served he said and I quote “I don’t talk while I eat.” And then when he was done eating he asked for the check and when the waiter asked if we wanted coffee or dessert he answered for both of us by saying “no, I don’t want to be too heavy to ride my motorcycle home.:” We left and as I waited for my car, he says he had a great time and email him my thoughts and hopes I’m interested. UGH!!! To sum it up, the date started at 7pm and I was home at 10:15 and I only live 8 minutes from the restaurant. Needless to say I pleasantly said I was not interested, of course through email. After my friends got done rolling on the ground from laughter, they had the nerve to say try again. Try again I say, you must be kidding. So as I sit here typing this I did respond to one more online interest and yes he has since then emailed me 4 times in a row…can you say uh-oh with me. I know there are others out there that have endured similar dates as I have. I still believe in meeting someone face to face, talking on the phone and lots of laughter. In the meantime, I have cancelled my membership and my profile will be deleted by the end of this month. I just wanted to share this story to give you a bit of laughter today.   All content within WomensHealthOnly.com is provided for general information only, and should not be treated as a substitute for the medical advice of your own doctor or any other health care professional. WomensHealthOnly.com is not responsible or liable for any diagnosis made by a user based on the content of WomensHealthOnly.com website.

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