Communication and conflict – communication breakdown, Communication and conflict, ways to make peace, when there’s violence The most common things couples argue about are money, sex, work, children and housework …. more Life changes – why marry, committed relationship, happiness and commitment as a couple Because you’re in love. Although love shouldn’t be the only reason to marry, it’s an …. more
Everyday grumbles – relationship money problems, untidiness tolerance, fairness and respect People’s attitudes towards money vary enormously and are largely influenced by the values …. more Love and intimacy – 70 romantic ways to have fun, Clear out the garage, attic, cupboards or wardrobes* – it really doesn’t matter as long as you …. more
Heavy heartaches – affairs, relationship problems, unhappy relationship, separation and divorce There are as many reasons why people have affairs as there are people. But usually an affair …. more Dating – online dating, serious relationships, rules of dating Online dating seems to be extremely popular right now. Nine times out of ten one of your friends …. more

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